2017 Wish for Humanity

Just before the clock struck midnight, I spoke aloud my wish for humanity for 2017…


I wish for humanity to continue to awaken to the divinity of who they are. For humans to realize that this physical reality is a game, and that we get to create whatever we want.
I wish for humans to realize how powerful we are. We are tapped into limitless potential. We can create any life we desire.
Life can be beautiful and magical in every moment.
We are that powerful!


Humans are connected to a force greater than we can imagine. This force does not control us, but rather it is a force we co-create with. What we do, feel, say, think and choose guides this force in co-creating our lives with us. 


This life is a game because once we understand the rules–that we create this life with our thoughts, intentions, choices and actions. We can be more mindful in steering the direction with our thoughts and actions.

With this knowing, we can strategize and implement tactics to enhance our functioning so that the desired outcome is achieved more easily. These tactics are quite simple and can be done by all. They take commitment and consistency. 


Realizing that our body is the vessel that carries our soul this lifetime, we must optimize it in every way–physically, nutritionally, internally and externally. There are many exercises and practices to succeed in such an endeavor.

There are ways to optimize our thoughts to rise above conditioning and limiting patterns to more open, optimistic and reception ways of functioning.

Cultivating ways of being that connect us with our heart are also very important. This provides a gateway to the soul’s wisdom so that we know what is the best next action to take in the direction of our dreams and purpose. 


The clearer channels we become–which is a reflection of how healthy and happy we are–the easier it is to harness our power and create a life we love. 


All the answers reside within. Being around others who are awakened to the game of life and choosing to create their reality, makes it easier to focus energy and attention on creating this reality. Having support from a trusted guide and intentional container also enhances this process, filling it with more love, information and inspiration. 


The Initiation Course-3.png

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