Stop Saving. Invest in You.

The best preventative medicine and a key to creating a happy life is to invest in yourself. 

The two most common types of people I work with are:

  1. Those who have worked so hard to build a career and now have more money than they need, but they are unhappy. They work long hours to the point of exhaustion and have no time to enjoy life. Sure, they're “successful” (as per their careers and cars), but what about the rest? They are suffering. Emotionally. Sometimes their health too. 
  2. Those who aren’t making the money they know they deserve and are even a bit financially challenged. Many work jobs they don’t even like. Life seems a bit… blah. They’re not happy, they're not thriving. They know something needs to change.  

Perhaps this sounds a bit like you? 


When we aren’t feeling happy–when we feel sadness, pain and suffering of ANY kind–this means it’s time to STOP, take a step back and examine our lives. It’s time to reflect on what we are doing (and not doing) to contribute the situation. It’s time to assess where we need to focus our efforts and see what about ourselves and/or our environment NEEDS to change. 


Society focuses much of what defines "success" on degrees, careers, achievements. What we do for work and the material possessions we have is often what is looked at as THE measure of success, but is this a measure of happiness?


You can save thousands of dollars in the bank, but if you’re not happy, what does any of it matter? 


On the flip side, your unhappiness could be the reason why you don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank. 


Unhappiness of any kind is a signal that something NEEDS to change. When we are in a box–in a challenge situation, suffering, in a rut–we can’t see outside of the box. Calling upon the help of someone who can guide us to see things in another way and empower us find our happiness again is one way to rise above the circumstances.


So whether you have millions in the bank or if you’re wondering how you’re going to pay this month’s rent, taking action and investing in yourself is necessary to change whatever situation or mindset that is holding you back from living a life you absolutely LOVE.


Your mind, body and the spirit in which you find yourself in daily affects your interactions with the world. If you’re experiencing any kind of emotional, physical, mental “dis-ease” it will affect everything in your life, especially your ability to thrive and be happy. 


So my dear, stop saving your money and invest in yourself. Investing in yourself means spending time and resources to heal, find inspiration and make changes in order to thrive and be happy. 



I invest in myself when something isn't going quite right or I'm not feeling happy. When I wasn’t happy as a medical doctor, I went traveling. On that soul searching trip I received the inspiration to become a yoga and meditation instructor. I’ve spend thousands of dollars in self development and healing around the globe to better understand myself and what I want to do with my life. I spend more money at the grocery store to buy ALL organic food because I know my body feels better and my energy levels are higher when I do so. I take time everyday to breathe and meditate to make sure I’m emotionally clear and centered. I invest in myself first, because personally settling for anything less than a life I love is not acceptable for me. 


You can invest in yourself too by taking time to meditate, spend time in Nature, go to the gym, feed your body high quality organic food, get a massage, go on a soul nourishing vacation or invest in working with a life coach (like me!).


You deserve to be happy! And as always, I’d love to support you on your journey. Book your online session with me today: