Unhappy with society? Life? Let’s create something new…

In the fall of 2014 I said yes to be a pioneer in a social experiment to create a new society–a Utopia. Though things didn't go as planned, this was a prelude to meeting Damanhur Community, a different kind of society in northern Italy. The interesting thing is both Utopia and Damanhur were created by 15 pioneers with some striking similarities in their formation. What are the chances?

Since my spiritual awakening in 2012, I have known that our society and current living conditions cannot continue as they are. Living in cities is not sustainable. Cutting down forests and mining fossil fuels is not sustainable. Creating plastic and buying more things is not sustainable. 


We live on a paradise planet–lush and rich with much diversity and exotic life. Our beautiful Earth is being taken for granted and destroyed. Extinction is happening at an alarming rate. Both the extinction of plants and animals, but also of people with precious cultures. Our beautiful waters are polluted with the trash, garbage, oil spills, etc. Pollution in cities is creating smog and acidic rain. 

I said yes to be a part of Utopia because of the burning desire to create the change and be the example the world needs. Life has a funny way of bringing us similar situations again and again until we learn the lesson and fulfill our intentions. Because of this deep intention and knowing, I found Damanhur–a spiritual community, modeling a different kind of society and way of living in harmony with the plants, animals and our beautiful Earth. 



On social media I see many people complaining about the current government system and about what is happening in the world. All of this energy wasted on complaining can be channeled into constructive innovation, plans and action! 

I agree with Socrates, “The secret to change is to focus all is your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

We can’t change the system, but we can create a new one. Departing from Western Medicine was my choice to leave the current system. Choosing to be a part of Utopia and now Damanhur are a part of creating the more healing, harmonious and sustainable future I wish to experience and see for humanity. 

So let's empower innovation, new ideas and action. The inspiration for change is the fuel for all of this, but most importantly when this inspiration hits, ACTION is a MUST! Action in collaboration with those who also hold and support our visions is even more powerful!


Join forces and working with like minded individuals who bring diversity and wish to see you succeed is important. Creating a plan and taking action each day is necessary for change to happen!


We’d love to know what inspires you to ACT and create change in your life. Please leave your comments in the section below. 


I know the perfect medicine to inspire ACTION to CREATE CHANGE–both my upcoming retreat to Damanhur Community in July and my three month coaching program, The Initiation. Contact me at nikkistarr@drnikkistarr.com for more details and to begin the creation of something new and wonderful in your life!