Be Selfish. Take a Break.

Sometimes we need to be selfish. According to Merriam Webster selfish means "having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people." Imagine going our whole lives without being selfish? We would be living our lives for other people. Instead of following the callings of our heart. We may even put the needs of others before ourselves compromising our health and happiness. How could we live our dreams if we were constantly worried about the needs and feelings of others before our own? 


There is a way to selfish in a way that serves the greater good. And being selfish is necessary at times. 


Admittedly I'm selfish. In a way that serves the greater good of course! Being selfish has been so helpful in choosing a trailblazing life path. Leaving the medical field to pursue a path in spirituality and self help required me to be very selfish. If I was concerned about the feelings of my family and friends I surely would not have been able to make the plunge into the life of my dreams. But even still, there are moments I need to be more selfish.


During the past 25 day NY trip, I had three days off. A reminder it's time to be a bit selfish. I have a tendency to put my clients schedule before my own. At times this is ok, but I balance it with time to be selfish and take a break. So today I leave for Colombia with my grandparents for three weeks. Yes there will be some work through study and research w the native elders. Though the majority of time will be spent with my grandparents seeing their homeland through their eyes. This is a dream of mine finally realized and I know it will inspire my work to an even greater space. 


I come from a family of givers. Women who stretch themselves so thin caring for the needs of their family and home they forget to take care of themselves. They push themselves to the point of injury and pain. Even if encouraged to take time to rest or be self indulgent they can't. They feel guilty. This happens everyday in our culture. 


We are in a new time. Let's work smarter, not harder. 


Many of my clients suffer from the same over extended syndrome. Doing for others before themselves so by the time they reach out for help they are stressed, depressed, their bodies have been compromised and their spirits are low. 


This martyr behavior is not serving anyone. Those we love will benefit most from having a bright, vibrant, inspired person in their lives. Not the impatient, overworked, stressed person that often happens from not taking time to be selfish. 


Being selfish can serve the greater good. What we do for ourselves we do for others. Taking time for self care and self love reignites the heart, elevates our energy and happiness levels and re-inspires us to see just how beautiful this life is. Our light illuminates even brighter and we become eager to share our gifts with the world. 


Be selfish with love.


I invite you to join me on a transformational retreat that will fulfill the much needed break you've been meaning to take. Your life will be enhanced and you will see life through a completely new lens. A more inspired, empowered, joyful, loving lens. I'd love to see you at an upcoming one: