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Life–Union of Masculine + Feminine–Quest 6

The union of the masculine and feminine is not just about sex. Our entire reality, as well as each one of us as individuals, is composed of a dance between the masculine and feminine. The union of the masculine and feminine creates life. Both the masculine and feminine within ourselves is needed to create a life we love. Being and doing. Flowing and deciding. Art is a beautiful example of creation that requires both our masculine and feminine nature. Even relationships between men and women from a non-sexual standpoint are important for the co-creation of life...

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Balance of the Masculine–Quest 5.

As individuals and as a collective, we will know the greatest peace and joy, when the masculine and feminine energies become balanced–both within ourselves and in society. This is the Utopia many of us seek. When in balance the masculine is admirably strong, decisive, confident, focused, direct and action focus, with logical, linear and leadership ways of relating.

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