Life–Union of Masculine + Feminine–Quest 6

The union of the masculine and feminine is not just about sex. 

Our entire reality, as well as each one of us as individuals, is composed of a dance between the masculine and feminine. 

The union of the masculine and feminine creates life. 

Masculine spirit incarnates into feminine matter. The energy of Father Sun interacts with Mother Earth to create life on this planet. Men and women engaging in intercourse to procreate. Masculine and feminine polarity (regardless of gender) is the fuel that drives all creation. 


Hall of Victory in Damanhur's Temple of Humankind, depicting the isogynic human, balanced in masculine and feminine. 

Hall of Victory in Damanhur's Temple of Humankind, depicting the isogynic human, balanced in masculine and feminine. 

Both the masculine and feminine within ourselves is needed to create a life we love. Being and doing. Flowing and deciding. At times it’s important to be focused and other times flexible. 


Art is a beautiful example of creation that requires both our masculine and feminine nature. The feminine creativity combined with masculine action results in a masterpiece. 


As we choose to spiritually evolve, we learn about this dance of masculine and feminine within ourselves and also in relation to others. The more spiritually evolved we become the more balanced in masculine and feminine we become. 


Now more than ever is a time for collaboration. To bring innovation to the planet, men and women are coming together to co-create not necessarily in romantic relationships but in work and life. 


For many, this can be a new type of experience because for so long the masses have been conditioned to assume that when a man and woman come together it means they are in a relationship or dating. 


Just because two people of the opposite sex spend time together or feel an attraction to one another doesn’t have to be anything more than the need to co-create an aspect of life together. This could be a project, work, time together to learn and grow without any sexual involvement. 

Art by Android Jones

Art by Android Jones


This attraction we feel when meeting someone of the opposite sex doesn’t necessarily mean there is a sexual connection. The discernment of this attraction is important in order for the relationship to serve its greatest purpose and not be confused by conditioned influences–such as attraction means sexual connection.


An important opportunity could be missed if we confuse the meaning of the polarity we feel with another person to be about sex. The reason this confusion often happens is because more than 90% of our life force lives in our sexual energy center. This energy center, or chakra, is also the space where creativity lives too. This energy is what drives all of our creations. 


The energy used to create an artistic masterpiece is sexual energy believe it or not. So much potential lives in our sexual energy center and it can be focused to other projects and parts of life. The study and practice of Tantra is all about moving this energy to other parts of the body to elevate and enhance our overall health, energy and well being. 


As we come into these more conscious times on the planet it is important to be mindful about where inspiration and energy comes from and to utilize it in a way that advances our personal evolution, humanity and the planet in a healthy way. 

Hall of Victory in Damanhur's Temple of Humankind

Hall of Victory in Damanhur's Temple of Humankind


Although sex sells, not everything has to be about sex. Imagine the world we would live in if we were consciously directing our sexual energy towards projects and creations to serve the greater good. With pornography being the #1 industry in the world, I’d say humanity has the potential to create Heaven on Earth. 


The inspiration for this post comes from Quest 6 of The Path to Spiritual Freedom shared by Falco Tarrassacco, the spiritual guide of Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity. I experienced this course when I lived in Damanhur for 3 months this past year. Because it was such a wonderful experience, I will be bringing a group to Damanhur May 7-13 to experience the magic. One intention will be to balance the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves. To learn more and join us visit: