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7 Things I Learned as a Monk

I just concluded a three month experience in Damanhur where I entered into a deep, intimate space of presence and centering with myself. During the monk path, I followed certain rules and was operating from a different energetic space, while still living a pretty normal life. To me it felt like being a modern day monk, where my work, clothes and home life remained the same, but I was more mindful about every aspect of my life including food, words and relationships. In this post I share the TOP 7 things I learned. 

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Life–Union of Masculine + Feminine–Quest 6

The union of the masculine and feminine is not just about sex. Our entire reality, as well as each one of us as individuals, is composed of a dance between the masculine and feminine. The union of the masculine and feminine creates life. Both the masculine and feminine within ourselves is needed to create a life we love. Being and doing. Flowing and deciding. Art is a beautiful example of creation that requires both our masculine and feminine nature. Even relationships between men and women from a non-sexual standpoint are important for the co-creation of life...

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Are you ready for some sexual healing?

Let’s talk about sex. Despite it being a tabooed subject, many people enjoy talking about sex. Since becoming a doctor, I’m not really shocked by anything. I’ve had to discuss the birds and the bees with patients, examine private parts and I have even delivered babies. Sex is natural, and an important part of life because it is healthy and healing.

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