The Evolution of Man: Which Path are You On?

When I first departed from the Western Medicine model of health care, I was focus on stopping the Evolution of Man from becoming aged, diseased, stressed, obese and so forth as depicted in the bottom of the photo. It was all about prevention and anti-aging to me, rather than enhancing and optimizing. 


What we focus on expands. So to create a different reality, body, life, etc., we must create something new, forgetting about what we don’t want, not trying to push it away. Our mindset affects our health and lives more than we know. Thoughts create reality. It is from thoughts come actions. So how do we change our thoughts?


Let’s take exercise for example, if we exercise because we don’t want to be overweight, we will surely stay overweight. If we exercise with the intention to be healthy, then we will surely become healthy. What we resist will persist. Notice any examples in your life. So how do we enhance our intentions?


As I shifted to a mind, body, spirit human perspective, I realized true health care is really life care. And to live an amazing life, it’s about optimizing. Enhancing our being in mind, body, and spirit is how to invite longevity, happiness, and love into our lives. So where do we go for life care?


When I look at the juxtaposed pictures of the Evolution of Man, it is quite obvious how humans can evolve to become obese and unhappy. Surely it seems like a simple solution to stop eating unhealthy foods, to stop watching television, to rid unhealthy relationships and situations from our lives, and to start exercising and trying new things. Everyone knows this. So why are 35% of Americans obese, and 1 in 5 adults suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder every year?


I went to medical school because that was the only way I knew how to serve and help humanity at the ripe young age of 18. I went through the medical system to realize its short comings–most notably that wellness and happiness wasn’t a part of the curriculum. What is health and long life without love, joy and happiness?


I went through medical school to realize that the ultimate prescription is love, amongst other things. Healthy eating, healthy habits, connection and healthy relationships, spending time in Nature, retreating, trying new things, meeting new people, etc. are also key to living an amazing life. And even though we all know this, why do many people still not do what is best for them? 


We feed the mind and body everyday with physical tangible things, but not many people feed the spirit. Many people just don’t know how to feed the soul and have never experienced it to understand and feel how beneficial it really is. 


For others there is fear when it comes to trying new things and meeting new people. There is fear of change. Fear of the unknown. But we must push through fear to expand our limits in order to evolve and create a different, more enhanced reality. 


And for others, it’s about priorities and breaking down the deeply ingrained notions of how to spend time and resources. So much fear and obligation is engrained in many people’s minds about what they are “expected” and “supposed” to do. Scarcity mentally causes many to think they don’t have enough–enough money or time–to spend on the things that will really nourish their being. Oftentimes people can’t fathom spending money on any soul-nourishing experiences because it doesn’t make any sense to them since it isn’t a physical, tangible product. 


But it is these experiences that will allow for the creation of new emotions thoughts, intentions, etc. which result in different actions. What I have discovered is that through feeding the spirit, we optimize and enhance our being–mind and body too–to the next level. 


To be on the Evolution of Man path represented on the top of the photo, we have to feed the spirit. Though this route is a bit less tangible, sometimes difficult to understand, and not as easily explainable. Interestingly, it is this path that I am most passionate about–both in my life and in facilitating this “work” in others because the results have been incredible. 


I’ve witnessed the most "life enhancement" in others during Week 2 the Universal/Spiritual Laws module of The Initiation Course™, in deep meditations and yoga sessions I’ve facilitated, and most notably on the retreats I host. In just a moment participants' perceptions shift, they see the world differently, and so the change and enhancement begins. Months later they are living completely different lives with big smiles on their faces. The results and feedback speak for themselves, and thus this is why I am so passionate about inspiring spiritual growth in others. 


It was my spiritual growth that changed my life for the better. People always comment about how bright my energy is… well it’s because I’m committed to the evolution depicted in the top of the photo–optimizing and enhancing my mind, body, and spirit to the best that I can be so that I can serve humanity the best that I can. 


I take time to retreat and feed my spirit and soul at every opportunity. All of these years it has been through ceremonies of many different lineages, various meditations and physical practices, retreats, travel, time in Nature, meeting others on the path, being conscious about what I put in, on, and near my body as well as how I spend my time and so forth. All of these actions contributed to awakening and igniting the spirit within me. 


Because I have seen what “the work” inspires and facilitates in myself and others for the highest and best good of all, I am committed to encouraging and facilitating others on the path. So whether your life is perfect or you feel as though something is missing, I invite you on my next retreat, the Tulum Spirit Retreat


This retreat is the easiest path to your true heart and will optimize your being simply by participating in the various workshops and ceremonies. Your presence is enough to begin or continue your evolution on the enhancing path depicted in the photo. All activities are intended to open the heart and other parts of your being that have been dormant and underfed in order to invite more love, joy, peace, and happiness into your life.  I look forward to spending time with you in Tulum. Register today: