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Anyone can meditate. What's holding you back?

Anyone can mediate. You don’t have to be a yogi or a monk. You don’t even have to be in the wellness field. It is quite easy and simple when you learn what meditation really is, how to do it, what to expect, and the key tips and techniques to support you in building a successful practice. The problem is most people give up before they even give it a fair chance. What are some of the reasons you don’t meditate consistently?

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What rules are you playing by? Elevate Your Existence.

There are countless ways to see and make sense of reality. That’s what every philosophy, religion and spirituality attempts to do. The key to succeeding at this game of life is finding a set of rules that resonates most with you and playing by those rules. Of course at any time someone can come along and completely change your mind.

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Meditation is Medicine for Everything

Whenever I’m feeling down or not myself, I meditate. Meditation brings me back to my center. I ALWAYS feel better after I meditate.Whenever I want to create anything, I meditate first to listen and observe what wants to be created. I’d go as far to say I owe the beauty and success of my life to my meditation practice. Meditation is medicine for everything and so much more!

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7 Things I Learned as a Monk

I just concluded a three month experience in Damanhur where I entered into a deep, intimate space of presence and centering with myself. During the monk path, I followed certain rules and was operating from a different energetic space, while still living a pretty normal life. To me it felt like being a modern day monk, where my work, clothes and home life remained the same, but I was more mindful about every aspect of my life including food, words and relationships. In this post I share the TOP 7 things I learned. 

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Why I decided to become a monk 

The funny thing is, since my spiritual awakening I’ve had the desire to be a Monk. Call me strange, but there’s a part of me that really loves silence, solitude and simplicity. This opportunity is possible because in Damanhur, there’s a beautiful underground temple that is filled with art work and some of the purest healing energies I’ve personally experienced in the world. At first it was more of a feeling than anything else. I knew I had to do it and I wanted to.

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Maybe You’re the Problem?

Get ready–because I'm gonna be pretty blunt in this post. All from a space of love (of course). All because I believe in us living our greatest potential and a life we LOVE. 

Most people are always blaming the others for everything that “happens” to them. It’s much easier to be the victim because then you don’t have to take responsibility.

As you already know (and like I’ve said a billion times), we create our lives with our thoughts, actions, reactions, choices and ways of being and relating with the world.
So what if you're the problem?

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Vipassana: 10 Days of Silence Revisited

“I feel so much more love and compassion.” I sobbed through tears as Noble Silence completed on the 10th day. “I’m releasing something.” I said to Samia, the French Moroccan woman who had been sleeping in the room across from mine. “Breathe it out.” said Samia in her beautiful accent. “This is strong medicine.” “She’s right.” I thought to myself. I never considered Vipassana to be medicine, but it is just that. 

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The Evolution of Man: Which Path are You On?

As I shifted to a mind, body, spirit human perspective, I realized true health care is really life care. And to live an amazing life, it’s about optimizing. Enhancing our being in mind, body, and spirit is how to invite longevity, happiness, and love into our lives. So where do we go for life care and optimization?

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5 Reasons to Retreat

Sometimes I feel amazement when I examine my life and I wonder, “How did I get here?” I’ve come to realize that all of my major life changing decisions happened while I was retreating. I can vividly remember the exact moment I chose to leave western medicine. It was on a vacation during my first year of residency. I was sitting on the beach, retreating at an Ashram in the Bahamas. Crystal blue waters sparkled in front of me as I looked out to the sea beyond my happy, sand covered toes. I felt at peace with a journal, pen in hand, and I vividly saw my future unfolding before me. 

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Top tools to create your reality.

A series of epiphanies thanks to various practices, people, and information sources gradually woke me up. I realized I wasn’t lucky or unlucky; I was creating my reality with my thoughts and my actions. After realizing how the universe works, I  decided to alter my reality, and I continue to do so everyday. When I’m not happy with something in my life, I choose to change it. I’m not going to just deal with it. Life is too short for that mentality. In no way, shape, or form will I ever settle or compromise when it comes to living a life full of passion. These are the top tools I use to create my reality. 

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Mindfulness Matters

When was the last time you were fully present in a moment— just observing it all without judgment, with your upmost attention? It almost seems ridiculous to have to talk about this, but if you really stop to think about it, how much of the time are you truly present—paying attention— instead of in your head consumed by thoughts, judgments and responsibilities? You may even be wondering, “Why does this even matter?” Well, if you care about your brain, health and your psychological well-being it does. 

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Ten days of silence and solitude was beyond life changing.

Imagine being 10 days with no cell phone, computer or Internet. Imagine 10 days of silence, no talking or gesturing. Imagine 10 days of solitude, no hugs or physical contact with another person, or yourself. Imagine 10 days of no reading, writing, games or anything to keep you occupied. Imagine 10 days of mediating for 10 hours a day, rising at 4am and retiring at 9pm. I did it. And despite not being a fan of rules, I followed all of them. Ten days of silence, meditation, nature, me, myself, and I was truly amazing. This retreat has changed my life.

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