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You’re more ready than you think you are…

A very interesting thing happened when I was in Colombia that made me realize we’re more ready than we think we are. Ready for what exactly? Well, EVERYTHING. I blocked out a month of my life to study with a native healer in Colombia. Yes, I already work as a healer. Yes, I’ve studied so much in this field. But of course I’m always hungry to learn more. When I arrived he asked me many questions and tested me in several ways then said, “You only need 5 days with me. Come back Monday.” I was in utter shock. But my flight back to the States what a month later. I couldn’t help but think, “Why is this happening?”

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What if everything IS perfect?

The human mind has a tendency to find imperfections. It analyzes, creates problems, wants to fix and change things. The mind is the culprit of feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with life. There may be things about our life we wish to change and “fix.” But what if everything was perfect as is it? Perhaps these imperfections are needed to guide us in the “right” direction. 

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Unhappy with society? Life? Let’s create something new…

On social media all I see are people complaining about the current government system and about what is happening in the world. Much energy wasted on complaining about everything, but what is actually being done about? People want change. 

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