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Thoughts Post Lightning in a Bottle: 7 Ways to Enhance The Human Experience

I have come to appreciate the environment of festivals because they offer a unique space for life reflection and relating to others. Generally they create a space for people to come together and connect. Hearts tend to be more open than in everyday life. This offers a mirror to look within at where we are, where we’d like to go, and what we wish to shed and embody. Perhaps these seven reminders will resonate with you in some way to cultivate a more peaceful, connected existence, offering assurance on this journey through the human experience. 

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How do you know you are living your passion?

Do you wake up everyday with the desire to scream, "I LOVE MY LIFE"This past weekend a friend invited me as a guest to a seminar entitled Reignite. And gratefully it did just that, it reignited my passion and vision of my purpose here on this planet. This seminar was star studded with inspirational and motivational speakers, from Marianna Williamson, Niurka, Marcia Weader, and many more. This seminar was a reminder of the amazingingness that is each and every one of us. This seminar also allowed me to realize that I am living my passion with passion. Are you?

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