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The Dance Floor is My Teacher

I love to dance. Dance is my medicine. It’s therapy. Food for our soul. It’s something we humans have done since the beginning of time. It’s written in our DNA. What happened to this lost art that allows us to embody our prayers, let go of tension and stress and release what is no longer serving us? Why have people stopped moving to the drum when it’s a natural antidepressant and teaches us about relating with ourselves and others?

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A Secret to a Magnificent Life

We laughed and laughed. “That was the best line ever!” I said through tears as we attempted to hold the yoga stretch despite deep belly laughs. I was in a session with a client of three years. Our sessions are always filled with peace and laughs. In this session, Yoga being a simple medium for soul therapy. “Don’t worry. I’m just confused.” John had said, chuckling as he struggled through the transition into a new yoga pose. 

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