Make Time for Adventure–Doctor’s Orders!

A secret to a happy life–MAKE TIME FOR ADVENTURE. Especially if you’re going to learn something in theprocess, which is pretty much always. As you already know–we have this one life to create, do and be anything we wish. Shall this life be a snoozer? Or shall it be EPIC? You decide. Saying yes to adventure, especially the kind that speaks to your soul is MEDICINE. Read more about how and why adventure is good for you and ways to get started right now.

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Follow your heart... Or else  

Those who follow their heart are happy. One way to define happiness is living life guided by your heart.
Your heart is an intelligence. It’s the compass of your soul. Your heart longs for and desires that which you are meant to have, do and be in life. If you follow your heart you’ll be happy, life will be sweeter and you’ll love more. If you don’t follow your heart...

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A Summer Solstice Ritual

Today is the day to celebrate light, life and the first day of Summer! It is also a very powerful day energetically–use it wisely. Add power to and magnify whatever you are creating in the moment. Connect with the diving loving forces that are co-creating your and if you aren’t planning on going to any rituals, take time to do your own personal ritual. In this post I share a simple two part ritual to connect with the Earth and the divine forces of light and unconditional love to add power to whatever goal you wish to see manifest.

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Living Beyond Injustice

Though injustice is a part of life, I feel we have the capacity to transform it, prevent it from happening, learn from it, grow from it and even create opportunities from it. We can write a brighter future for humanity. We can shift our perception from being a victim and witness, to being a protagonist and example for others by choosing how we respond to situations of injustice.

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Cultivate the Mother in You (Men Too)

Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you’ve never had children or ever intend to–you have the essence of a mother in you. May you celebrate and cultivate this part of you because it’s an important part–it enhances all aspects of your life. What is the ultimate mother in you? This blogpost highlights that ultimate traits of a mother, which all exist within you! May you grow and nourishing all of these parts of you…

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The Dance Floor is My Teacher

I love to dance. Dance is my medicine. It’s therapy. Food for our soul. It’s something we humans have done since the beginning of time. It’s written in our DNA. What happened to this lost art that allows us to embody our prayers, let go of tension and stress and release what is no longer serving us? Why have people stopped moving to the drum when it’s a natural antidepressant and teaches us about relating with ourselves and others?

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An MD Specializing in Energy

Healing is something we can consciously choose to experience, either guided by ourselves or another, when we wish to alleviate, enhance or change something within or around us. The imperfections and dis-ease we experience in life are signals as to where we need to pay more attention, aka where we need healing. When we experience healing, we evolve, becoming healthier and wiser. Treatment and healing must happen in the energy field for TRUE cure to be achieved. REAL prevention of disease and optimization of functioning happens through energetic hygiene and enhancement, which can be achieved through a multitude of ways–and this is what I now specialize in. 

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What is the Awakening of the Divine Feminine?

Many people talk about this as the awakening of humanity into greater consciousness. Part of this awakening of consciousness also includes the awakening of the divine feminine (and the divine masculine too). I’d like to highlight the awakening of the divine feminine, because for so long the feminine was suppressed in our culture, and in some cultures it still is today, and why it's so important it is awakening.

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Cleaning – The Spiritual & Practical Importance

Cleaning is SO important. No, Really. I can’t stress it enough.
I’m not just talking about physical cleaning of our homes and bodies. 
I’m also talking about emotional, mental and energetic cleaning. 
Cleaning is a spiritual practice too. This blogpost shares all the reasons you need to be cleaning your mind, body, soul and life from several perspectives. Your continued growth, evolution and creation of a life you love depends on it!

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Why you NEED to be yourself

It seems kind of obvious right? Be yourself. This is one of those cliche phrases that you hear over and over and it seems so obvious. But are you really embodying it? Anytime we hold back from expressing what we are living, experiencing or feeling in any moment, we are NOT being ourselves. It takes courage to be ourselves. Consciously or subconsciously fear of rejection is the most common reason behind us not being ourselves. We think the other person won’t like us. 

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Meditation is Medicine for Everything

Whenever I’m feeling down or not myself, I meditate. Meditation brings me back to my center. I ALWAYS feel better after I meditate.Whenever I want to create anything, I meditate first to listen and observe what wants to be created. I’d go as far to say I owe the beauty and success of my life to my meditation practice. Meditation is medicine for everything and so much more!

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7 Things I Learned as a Monk

I just concluded a three month experience in Damanhur where I entered into a deep, intimate space of presence and centering with myself. During the monk path, I followed certain rules and was operating from a different energetic space, while still living a pretty normal life. To me it felt like being a modern day monk, where my work, clothes and home life remained the same, but I was more mindful about every aspect of my life including food, words and relationships. In this post I share the TOP 7 things I learned. 

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8 Tips to Make 2018 Great

Our actions and choices create our life. I share my top 8 tips in this blogpost as a guide to make 2018 great. #7 and #8 are my favorite because they are unexpected, but they really make a BIG difference in the way we see the world and interact with others. Changes in mind, body and spirit transform us into our greatest selves. Happy New Year! May you have the will and courage to live a life you love! 

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Why I decided to become a monk 

The funny thing is, since my spiritual awakening I’ve had the desire to be a Monk. Call me strange, but there’s a part of me that really loves silence, solitude and simplicity. This opportunity is possible because in Damanhur, there’s a beautiful underground temple that is filled with art work and some of the purest healing energies I’ve personally experienced in the world. At first it was more of a feeling than anything else. I knew I had to do it and I wanted to.

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Stop Saving. Invest in You.

The best preventative medicine and a key to creating a happy life is to invest in yourself. When we aren’t feeling happy–when we feel sadness, pain and suffering of ANY kind–this means it’s time to STOP, take a step back and examine our lives. It’s time to reflect on what we are doing (and not doing) to contribute the situation. It’s time to assess where we need to focus our efforts and see what about ourselves and/or our environment NEEDS to change. 

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A Special Thank YOU on Trigger Day, I mean Turkey Day!

This Thanksgiving holiday, I send my deepest, warmest gratitude to each one of you. I'm also grateful for the recent publication and words of love from a client. I would love for you to share what you're most grateful for in the comments section! I also share about why today is "trigger" day. Our families have life long lessons to share with us, and we have the choice to accept them as points for growth. 

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An Easy, Healthy Start to Your Day

Eating healthy is super important for us to function optimally in our daily lives. Lack of time is one of the biggest excuses I hear from clients when they say they have a hard time eating healthy. I totally understand this, and so I share with you this easy solution! You don’t even have to go to the store to pick it up–it gets delivered directly to your door! Daily-Harvest and I have teamed up to give you THREE FREE SMOOTHIES! See offer inside!

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What kind of relationships do you have? 

Relationships are everything in life. Life is about human connection. If we don't have harmonious, fulfilling relationships, we cannot be happy. We are here to love and be loved. The relationships we have in our lives are a reflection of where we are. There are many nuances to the kinds of relationships we can have, here are 3 of the most common... The third type may demand the most from us and be challenging at times, but will allow for our greatest growth and the deepest love and fulfillment. 

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What if you could talk to plants?

Plants are intelligent beings too. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine this because their structure, function and make up are so different from ours and animals. Perhaps plants have something to teach us. Could we open our minds and senses and humble ourselves enough to learn from other kinds of creatures much different from us? What if you could actually communicate with plants? Perhaps you can.

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Maybe You’re the Problem?

Get ready–because I'm gonna be pretty blunt in this post. All from a space of love (of course). All because I believe in us living our greatest potential and a life we LOVE. 

Most people are always blaming the others for everything that “happens” to them. It’s much easier to be the victim because then you don’t have to take responsibility.

As you already know (and like I’ve said a billion times), we create our lives with our thoughts, actions, reactions, choices and ways of being and relating with the world.
So what if you're the problem?

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