What if everything IS perfect?

The human mind has a tendency to find imperfections. It analyzes, creates problems, wants to fix and change things. The mind is the culprit of feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with life. There may be things about our life we wish to change and “fix.” But what if everything was perfect as is it? Perhaps these imperfections are needed to guide us in the “right” direction. 

Unhappy with society? Life? Let’s create something new…

On social media all I see are people complaining about the current government system and about what is happening in the world. Much energy wasted on complaining about everything, but what is actually being done about? People want change. 

The Benefit of Going Off-Grid

Every now and then on this journey of life finding a moment to stop and smell the roses is necessary. In other words–giving ourselves permission to go off-grid. Turn off the phone. Shut down the computer. Unplug from everyday life and give ourselves permission to just be and enjoy the present moment, the simple moments. When we go off-grid, we discover more of what we are grateful for. We fill with new ideas and inspirations, and it keeps the magic of life alive. And so much more...

Why it's SO important to Dream BIG

Much of my work is designed to inspire and empower people to live their dreams, to follow their hearts and go for it! We have this one life to live it all. To rise in love, live our passion, create anything we desire. Best to go for it, than to regret because we didn't at least try...

Conscious Money Talk

Money is one of those things most people don’t like to talk about. Interestingly so, because money is a big part of our current reality. Most people allow it to decides every aspect of their lives. Most people measure their success and worthiness based on much money they make and have. What if money was actually more of an energetic flow with internal and external factors?

8 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck

There may be times in our lives when we find ourselves feeling stuck. Not making the “right” choices in order to move forward and enhance our lives. Why? Many reasons including being addicted to certain emotions, programmed beliefs about ourselves and the world, living the same life everyday, doing the same thing with the same people. Check out these 8 easy ways to get unstuck!

Quest 8: This is our mission–Love.

Our mission is quite simple. It is love. To be love. Spread love. Give love. Receive love. Awaken even more love on the planet. To be so inspired with love that we can’t help but share our unique gifts with the world as a radical act of love. Love is the reason for everything. It is the muse of masterpieces of all kinds. Love is the reason we create and share. Love is the reason we strive and achieve. Or else what is the purpose of anything? What’s the point of doing anything we do if the end result is not more love?

Question Everything–Quest 7

Question everything. For there are many truths to this reality. You are here to discover yours. A healthy dose of doubt can be the push we need to completely change our lives. Questioning the status quo has been the gift of the trailblazers, innovators and the revolutionaries. It takes courage to ask questions, especially when everyone else is going along with the grain of life. It takes even more courage to change our minds. How can doubt transform your life?

Life–Union of Masculine + Feminine–Quest 6

The union of the masculine and feminine is not just about sex. Our entire reality, as well as each one of us as individuals, is composed of a dance between the masculine and feminine. The union of the masculine and feminine creates life. Both the masculine and feminine within ourselves is needed to create a life we love. Being and doing. Flowing and deciding. Art is a beautiful example of creation that requires both our masculine and feminine nature. Even relationships between men and women from a non-sexual standpoint are important for the co-creation of life...

Balance of the Masculine–Quest 5.

As individuals and as a collective, we will know the greatest peace and joy, when the masculine and feminine energies become balanced–both within ourselves and in society. This is the Utopia many of us seek. When in balance the masculine is admirably strong, decisive, confident, focused, direct and action focus, with logical, linear and leadership ways of relating.

Quest 4: The Importance of the Feminine

Every aspect of this physical reality has a masculine and feminine essence, even humans. In order to reach inner peace, we must be balanced in the masculine and feminine aspects. The feminine aspect is all about containment.  She is nurturing, caring, soft, gentle and kind. The feminine brings peace, union and harmony. She is forgiveness and compassion. She is sensuality, pleasure and creativity. Just as she is flowing, fluid and flexible... Read more

Step 3 to Freedom: Change & Transformation

Beautiful music played in the background as we walked in silence around the Hall of Metals.  We were instructed to stand before each stain glass portrait representing a time period in life and reflect back, or forward, in time and think about the people who were, or will be, the most important to us during these times in our lives. When I stood in front of the face of a teenage girl, representing age 14-21, he immediately came to my mind. I began to cry. They were nostalgic, loving tears. 

2017 Wish for Humanity

Just before the clock struck midnight, I spoke aloud my wish for humanity for 2017… I wish for humanity to continue to awaken to the divinity of who they are. For humans to realize that this physical reality is a game, and that we get to create whatever we want. I wish for humans to realize how powerful we are. We are tapped into limitless potential. We can create any life we desire... The "how to" tools are available to everyone.

Holidays are a Spiritual Practice

The true essence of holidays is to connect us with our hearts and our spirituality. Though disguised as religious celebrations, the holidays are really a time to celebrate our humanity. The holidays provide the space to come together and love each other. For some this may be really easy, for others it can be challenging–nonetheless a gift if we choose to see it as so. Here are two healing ways to connect more deeply with your spirituality during the holidays. 

The Second Step to Living Your Dreams

To manifest anything into physical reality it takes more than one action. To live our dreams we must continue to act. Continuity of action is the second step to living our dreams. It doesn’t matter if we suddenly feel like we don’t want to. We must live in integrity. How can we find it within ourselves to continue to act?

Why it’s important to give YOURSELF a gift.

The foundation of all relationships is the relationship we have with ourselves. How we treat ourselves is the standard for how others will treat us. The time spent purchasing gifts for our loved ones is just as important as the time we give ourselves. The balance to which this occurs is a reflection of our self love. What we desire from another, we must give to ourselves first. 

The First Step to Enlightenment: Action

Action is showing up to life. Action moves us into the flow of life, bringing us to serendipitous moments. Those chance moments. The synchronic moments. Actions is the thread connecting us to all that is. With action we are guided to the next part of the Journey. Action we are propelled in the direction of our dreams. And more...

A less typical Thanksgiving message...

What a perfect day to give thanks. Though you may expect me to share about why we should appreciate all the great things in life. Instead, I’d like to bring light to why it’s important to appreciate and honor the not so great things too. 

Nikki Starr NoceComment
The Purpose of Living in Community

“Why would anyone want to live in community?” some of you may be thinking. “Seems kind of hippy dippy.” others may be thinking. Do I think community is beneficial for everyone? Yes. Do I think it’s challenging? Yes. Most importantly living in community is a spiritual gym. How compassionate can we be when someone eats our last banana? Community is the perfect barometer to measure where we are on the spiritual journey. It provides us with the perfect container to continue to grow and evolve into our brightest selves.