As we evolve so does our work.

Are you feeling it too? Autumn is here and the winds have brought CHANGE!
What changes are happening/ready to happen in your life?
I’m seeing it with my clients too–clearing out old patterns, kicking lovers to curb and moving onto bigger and better cities/jobs/homes.

LAST CHANCE to attend my Malibu events before they change. Learn more.

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My Dream Malibu Beach Home

HUGE Announcement! One of my greatest dreams has come true!!! 

Last week I signed a lease on my dream Malibu Beach Home.
Dreams. Come. True.
Especially when you keep going (no matter what) until they do.

But let me tell you... it wasn't always easy...
I remember when I didn't have a home because I was off traveling the world and doing my deep spiritual work. It was really ungrounding and emotionally challenging.

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$14K. That’s how much I spent on SUPPORT for MYSELF last month.

$14K. That’s how much I spent on SUPPORT for MYSELF last month. 
An assistant. Business coach. Massages. Healers. Spa. Etc.

And guess what?

I reached the MOST people and I received MORE clients, money, transformation and relaxation than EVER before

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New Moon Intention Ritual to Manifest Your Desires

Since the beginning of time many civilizations used the power of the moon to assist in creation. We too can call upon the power of the new moon to help us set intentions. In my work guiding others to create a life they love, I share these types of rituals because they add power to what we are creating in our lives. I also perform these moon rituals and they are SO powerful, usually everything I set manifests that month or the few ahead. Here is a simple easy ritual for you to do at home on the evening of the new moon…

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My Top 4 Favorite Supplement

What we put into our bodies is SO important for our becoming. The quality of what we feed our bodies is the fuel that has a huge impact on how operate in life. I firstly believe in eating a whole clean, close to nature organic diet. This is essential and primary to our well being. Because of our busy schedules it’s true that we may not always have the time to eat the most biodiverse meals especially if we’re eating on the go. Check out my top 4 favorite supplements here.

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Anyone can meditate. What's holding you back?

Anyone can mediate. You don’t have to be a yogi or a monk. You don’t even have to be in the wellness field. It is quite easy and simple when you learn what meditation really is, how to do it, what to expect, and the key tips and techniques to support you in building a successful practice. The problem is most people give up before they even give it a fair chance. What are some of the reasons you don’t meditate consistently?

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A simple act of love

I recently spoke at an event about Happiness and guided the audience through this simple act of love. I share this guided meditation in this blogpost for you to try. Not only do the people who receive love receive a healing and even a protective layer around them from an energetic standpoint. But the person sending the love also receives a healing too. Try it for yourself!

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A Release Ritual - Create space in your life for all you are calling in

Before setting goals and beginning new chapters, it’s important to clear out the old to create space for what you are calling in. The end of the year is a perfect time to release what’s not serving and receive clarity about what you wish to transform in your life. The ritual in this post supports you in doing just that!

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Healing is Letting Go

Death Valley was an incredible experience. What a beautiful place that gifted me more life and love. I guided myself in a healing ritual to forgive those who have trespassed against me, my family and my ancestors in this life and past ones too. I screamed with rage and laid upon the Earth and she helped me release all of those poisonous emotions that had been trapped in my heart and body. Afterwards I was beaming, full of love and light in a way I had never been before. Ritual details inside for you to try!

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Give thanks AND forgive, especially today.

Happy Thanksgiving! To be honest, I cringe a bit when I think of what this holiday was truly intended to celebrate. It’s been so long ago, that the true history of Thanksgiving has been distorted and forgotten. I choose to remind people of the reality of this “holiday” so that history doesn’t repeat itself. It’s a marker for the pillage and genocide that the Native Americans suffered. So perhaps today is also about forgiveness too…

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Lessons learned from LA Fire Evacuation

Since Friday I have been evacuated from my beautiful home in Topanga. As the fires continue in Los Angeles, it’s unclear when I’ll return. Despite being displaced from home it has been a rich time filled with lessons and a deepening of community. It was frightening to wake up without electricity and cell phone service. I packed a bag, grabbed the most important things and drove out of the canyon. When I saw the smoke coming over the mountain I gasped. 

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A Life Message on this Day of the Dead

If you knew you were going to die next week, can you honestly say you’re living life to the fullest? Living everyday like it’s your last? Are there any decisions you’ve been challenged by and if so, I invite you to make the choice from the mindset and perspective, “If I knew I was going to die next week then I choose…” Makes quite the difference huh? Who would you hug and spend time with if you knew you were going to die next week? My wish for all of us is to live each day and moment like it was our last–to the fullest. And if this were the case what would you do differently today? Go do it!

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What rules are you playing by? Elevate Your Existence.

There are countless ways to see and make sense of reality. That’s what every philosophy, religion and spirituality attempts to do. The key to succeeding at this game of life is finding a set of rules that resonates most with you and playing by those rules. Of course at any time someone can come along and completely change your mind.

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Your way isn’t right, but neither is mine...

One aspect of personal development is about taking responsibility for our life and actions. It’s also about opening our minds and hearts to other ways of thinking, living and being. Each one of us is a product of the family we were born into, as well as the culture and city we grew up in. Education, jobs and life experience also play a role in how we view the world. What seems normal to one person could be totally foreign to another. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong?

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You’re more ready than you think you are…

A very interesting thing happened when I was in Colombia that made me realize we’re more ready than we think we are. Ready for what exactly? Well, EVERYTHING. I blocked out a month of my life to study with a native healer in Colombia. Yes, I already work as a healer. Yes, I’ve studied so much in this field. But of course I’m always hungry to learn more. When I arrived he asked me many questions and tested me in several ways then said, “You only need 5 days with me. Come back Monday.” I was in utter shock. But my flight back to the States what a month later. I couldn’t help but think, “Why is this happening?”

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Make Time for Adventure–Doctor’s Orders!

A secret to a happy life–MAKE TIME FOR ADVENTURE. Especially if you’re going to learn something in theprocess, which is pretty much always. As you already know–we have this one life to create, do and be anything we wish. Shall this life be a snoozer? Or shall it be EPIC? You decide. Saying yes to adventure, especially the kind that speaks to your soul is MEDICINE. Read more about how and why adventure is good for you and ways to get started right now.

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Follow your heart... Or else  

Those who follow their heart are happy. One way to define happiness is living life guided by your heart.
Your heart is an intelligence. It’s the compass of your soul. Your heart longs for and desires that which you are meant to have, do and be in life. If you follow your heart you’ll be happy, life will be sweeter and you’ll love more. If you don’t follow your heart...

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A Summer Solstice Ritual

Today is the day to celebrate light, life and the first day of Summer! It is also a very powerful day energetically–use it wisely. Add power to and magnify whatever you are creating in the moment. Connect with the diving loving forces that are co-creating your and if you aren’t planning on going to any rituals, take time to do your own personal ritual. In this post I share a simple two part ritual to connect with the Earth and the divine forces of light and unconditional love to add power to whatever goal you wish to see manifest.

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